Judo lovers and enthusiasts, get ready to see the birth of a new temple of the discipline in Montpellier! Indeed, an INSEP center dedicated to judo is planned in this city in the south of France. This future place of training and training could well become the new home of future champions. Intrigued? Let’s discover together the reasons why Montpellier is emerging as the next essential destination for high-level judokas.

A New Chapter for French Judo

On July 9, during his visit to Montpellier, Stéphane Nomis, President of the French Judo Federation, made an announcement that could well be a game-changer for judo in France. Montpellier will soon welcome a second INSEP center dedicated to this discipline. News which marks a significant turning point for high-level sport in the south of the country.

The Choice of Montpellier

This decision is not the result of chance. Montpellier has long had strong links with judo, having hosted the European Championships, among others. According to StĂ©phane Nomis, “we chose the CREPS in Montpellier for our Olympic preparation course because of its very high-level facilities and the confidence we have in this place.” The city and the Occitanie region offer favorable conditions for the training of high-level athletes.

The French Team in Preparation

Since July 4, the French judo team has been using equipment from CREPS in Montpellier to refine its preparation for the Paris Olympic Games. The athletes took advantage of these facilities for around ten days before a covid alert interrupted their efforts. However, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of judokas like Teddy Riner. The multi-medalist champion says he is in “very good shape” and more motivated than ever to shine in front of his audience in Paris.

An Ambitious Project

Stéphane Nomis specified that the federation wishes to launch this project in September. Although the precise opening date and exact location of the future center have not yet been determined, several sites are under study. Among the potential candidates, the Mermoz high school, which already houses a judo hopeful center, seems to be an option seriously considered.

The Benefits of an INSEP Center in Montpellier

  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities : Athletes will benefit from high-level equipment similar to that of INSEP in Paris.
  • Decentralization of high-level sport : This initiative will make the sporting elite more accessible to all regions of France.
  • Strengthening ties with the South : An INSEP center in the south of the country will strengthen relations between the federation and local authorities.

The Future of Judo in Montpellier

With the opening of this new center, Montpellier is poised to become a flagship destination for judokas looking for performance. This project only strengthens the role of the city in the development of high-level sport in France. While awaiting the concrete details of the implementation, the enthusiasm around this initiative is palpable among both athletes and federal officials.

This project promises to place Montpellier in a new sporting dynamic and to continue to make the colors of French judo shine on the international scene.