Discover accommodation like no other: live with a local in Montpellier with AEF


  • Welcome to Montpellier, a city where culture and Mediterranean art of living meet.
  • Experience a true cultural immersion by staying in a homestay with AEF.
  • Rigorous selection process for host families with questionnaire, visit and agreement.
  • Prices vary depending on the accommodation options offered by AEF.
  • Conditions to become a host family include a clean criminal record and home insurance.

discover unique accommodation: live an authentic experience by staying with a local in montpellier with aef.

Welcome to Montpellier, a city with captivating charm where history, culture and the Mediterranean art of living combine. And for an authentic and warm experience, there’s nothing like staying in a homestay with AEF. Immerse yourself in the heart of local life, share unique moments and experience a true cultural immersion in Montpellier.

discover accommodation like no other: enjoy a unique homestay experience in Montpellier with aef

Immerse yourself in the heart of daily life in Montpellier by choosing to live in a homestay with AEF. This unique experience offers you total immersion in the local culture, while benefiting from a warm and family environment. Host families are carefully selected to guarantee an enriching experience, based on sharing and conviviality.
The selection process for hosting families is rigorous, involving the completion of a questionnaire, an assessment visit and the signing of a hosting agreement. The prices of the different accommodation options vary depending on the services offered, ranging from rooms with breakfast and evening meals to rooms only with access to a kitchen.
To become a host family, it is necessary to respect certain conditions such as a clean criminal record, comprehensive home insurance and a room that meets comfort standards. The advantages of living with a local are multiple, ranging from cultural immersion to the creation of lasting social connections.
AEF also answers certain frequently asked questions, indicating that any family residing in Montpellier can become a host family, that prices vary depending on the options chosen and that students must provide certain documents upon arrival. In conclusion, living with a local in Montpellier with AEF will allow you to discover the city in an authentic and enriching way.

discover accommodation like no other: enjoy an authentic experience by staying with a local in Montpellier with aef

Immersed in the heart of daily life in Montpellier, the experience of living with a local offered by AEF offers an advantageous and enriching alternative to traditional accommodation. Immerse yourself in a world where sharing, conviviality and cultural discovery await you.

Why choose to live with a local in Montpellier?

Living with locals allows you to better understand the local culture while enjoying a warm, family environment. The host families of AEF are carefully selected to guarantee a unique experience, favoring the values ​​of sharing and conviviality. Whether you are a student, temporary worker or simply visiting, this immersion guarantees you an authentic view of life in Montpellier.

Accommodation family selection process

Each family wishing to welcome a guest is subject to a rigorous selection process.

  • Completing an application questionnaire
  • Visit of the candidate family for a complete evaluation
  • Detailed description of the student or host
  • Signature of a hosting agreement after assessment and agreement between the parties
  • Obligation for families to provide adequate living space of at least 9 m²

Prices for different accommodation options

AEF offers various rates depending on the services offered by the host family. Whatever your preference, whether you want inclusive meals or just access to a kitchen, there is an option to suit your needs.

🍳 Room + Breakfast + Evening meal From €28 per day
🛏️ Single room (kitchen access) From €400 per month
🍽️ Half board during the week and B&B at the weekend From €188 per week
🏠 Room from Monday to Friday (student formula) From €122 per week

Conditions for becoming a host family

To guarantee a satisfactory and secure experience, certain conditions must be respected by host families:

  • Clear criminal record extract
  • Possession of civil liability and multi-risk home insurance
  • Availability of a room meeting comfort standards
  • Ability to provide a secure and welcoming environment

Advantages of homestay

For those who choose to live with locals, the advantages are multiple:

  • 🌍 Cultural immersion: Authentic discovery of local culture.
  • 🤝 Social link: Creation of lasting relationships with the host family.
  • 🏡 Comfort: Stay in a warm, family setting.
  • Practicality: Access to all necessary services (meals, kitchen).


Q: Who can become a host family with AEF?

A: Any family residing in Montpellier or its surroundings, with a room available and wishing to have a shared experience.

Q: What are the prices for the accommodation packages?

A: Rates vary depending on the package chosen, from €28 per day for a room with breakfast and evening meal.

Q: What are the conditions for becoming a host family?

A: You must provide a clean criminal record, have comprehensive home insurance and offer a room that meets comfort criteria.

Q: How does the selection process work?

A: The family must complete a questionnaire, be visited for assessment, and then a reception agreement is signed after agreement between all parties.

Q: What are the advantages of living with a local?

A: Living with a local allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture, create strong social bonds, and enjoy a comfortable, family environment.

Q: What documents must students provide?

A: Students must provide their passport or ID card, civil liability and security deposit upon arrival.

Q: What should the proposed room contain?

A: The room must be at least 9 m² and contain a bed, a desk, a chair, a closet or storage space, and sufficient lighting.